See our Clients Talk! What better way to feel good at what we do than to receive

statements from our Satisfied Clients. They play a pivotal role in inspiring us to do

better and be the best in the field.

The Facts:
Over 50% of New Clientele is referred to us by our past clients.
40% have contacted us through our website.
60% came from our Marketing Efforts.
We are proud to have clients from Different Business Industries and…
Almost anyone who has ever worked with us became a Return Customer.
Below are the Client Testimonials we have received so far:

March 25, 2009
Wow! Their offering free advertisement! What a privilege on advertizing my company for free in the world wide web without any cost from me.

Makati City

March 25, 2009
The first time I met your company, I already noticed that your services are very nice. It was my first time to venture in this kind of business. There are already a number of companies offering me the same services as yours,
but I turned them down. Your proposal is the only one that I accepted. Your company will be a great help to inventors like me, because through you, we could easily let the people know our inventions.

The only thing that I could suggest is that your company should be transparent to your clients.

Mr. Clarito Caisip
C A Caisip Bignay Tea

March 25, 2009
We appreciate your fast moving. i like it.

Doris Chen
Bio-Safe Center Inc.

March 25, 2009
Clients like us are assured of their dependable services and trustworthy quality at all the times, their designing department under the leadership of qualified web
designer develop our page according to our taste and requirement.

Girish Maheshwari
Perfect creation

March 25, 2009
With the assistance of Mysite Malixi, the Barangka Credit Cooperative was able to build access to the worldwide market, promoting our coop portfolio, and offering our services and facilities that will truly provide distinct
advantages with other organizations.
Mysite Malixi truly posses a unique artistry for web development. The quality of work and attention to details displayed throughout the design process was impressive. Their expertise, integrity and commitment to the customer are incomparable. Mysite Malixi is committed to give you the kind of service and attention that a client need and expect.
We will definitely work with them and have a fruitful partnership with Mysite Malixi in coming years!

Raquel Mascarina
Barangka Credit Cooperative

March 25, 2009
“MySiteMalixi delivered a quality service on time. They prioritized us and understand our needs, they provided unique services that complemented our ideas, and they
always remained flexible to attend to the needs of their clients. We will definitely refer MySiteMalixi to our clients who needs their services.”

Ronnie V. Aguirre
Extreme Video Resources, Inc.

March 25, 2009
The services of mysite malixi is very superb and offer lots of services that really help improved our sales.

Mr. Danilo
Maximum Protection And Glazing Corporation

March 25, 2009
This is the second project I’ve had Tim do for me. My project turned out to be more complicated than I thought it would be as they explained my options and figured out an effective solution that was delivered on time and within my budget.
Great work once again!

Paul Joseph

October 16, 2010
MySitemalixi always gives me the right answer at the right time, they knows how things will fit in my kind of business, when they finish my website, i cut some of my add budget and just focus on my website.My website build my name, my company and my integrity of service,I’m continuously having an open communication with them to be able let them hear what i have in mind that i don’t know how to do it that will connect to my website, but all of those questions was being answered and implemented in a very professional manner. i never imagine my business anymore without them, their really a great help for businesses and their transparency and an ear who always ready to listen is very dependable.

They always provide free services to me on top of what is needed for my website that fits on my budget and taking advantage of those great services is a great relief.

Danilo Velasco
mpgcorp@yahoo.com , sales@maximumprotectioncorp.com inquire@maximumprotectioncorp.com

March 25, 2009
” Professional Web Page Developer, that’s MysiteMalixi”
The Dentista Website Project aims to promote a continuum between oral health care services and promoting oral health care awareness at the same time.
MysiteMalixi’s creativity and excellence in their field captured the essential elements in promoting both our company and our services.

Herald Eleria
Dentista HGJ Dental Group & Co.


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