SEO Report Booster in the Philippines

A) Submission Report
Lists the last time submissions were made to each of the search engines. The detailed reports include specific submission information to the directories.

B) Link Popularity
Lists all new external inbound links from other websites and external outbound links to other websites. Add relevant external inbound links and outbound links to and from other websites. Link Optimization is also a significant factor in Search Engine Optimization. We have learnt from our experience that if websites links are properly optimized that can result into top search engine positioning and placement.

C) Keyword Rank Report
Lists all keywords by search engines and their respective ranking. The detailed reports include ranking for root and branch pages

1) What keywords are attracting more SEO traffic? To which landing pages? Are you working with these keywords in your SEO process? Are you optimizing them for the landing pages that are already attracting traffic with them?
2) What keywords that you are not already including in your SEO process are attracting the highest amount of SEO traffic? To which landing pages? Are they generating conversions? What is their conversion rate?
3) What keywords are generating more conversions from SEO traffic? In which landing pages?
4) What combination of keywords and landing pages have the highest conversion rate? And the worst?

D) Traffic Report : SEO Report Configuration

1. Metric Groups
You have to select the metrics or indicators you want to obtain, in this case they will be those that will allow to identify the behaviour and goal achievement of the SEO traffic: visits, bounce rate, pages per visit, completed conversions and conversion rate.

2. Dimensions
Afterwards you will need to choose the dimensions for the metrics you have previously selected, in this case these will be the landing pages and keywords through which you obtain this traffic.

3. Filters
You apply a filter to only include organic traffic in the report.

E) SEO Report Information
When you save this configuration you will obtain the following report that will show the most important KPIs about your site organic traffic, such as the amount of visits, the bounce rate, completed conversions and conversion rate per landing pages: With this report we can answer questions such as:

1) What landing pages attract more SEO traffic?
2) What landing pages have a higher bounce rate for SEO traffic?
3) What landing pages generate more pageviews for SEO traffic?
4) What landing pages generate a higher number of conversions?
5) What landing pages have a higher conversion rate?

F) Listing Report
The Link Popularity listing report, enables you to get in just a click a view of the pages that are currently pointing to your website. The report of this Backlink Check tool will provide you with the number and the precise URLs that link to your webpage

G) Page Rank Report
Lists all keywords by search engines and their respective ranking. The detailed reports include ranking for root and branch pages

H) Competitor Rank Report
The Search Engine Results are analyzed according to all the known SEO factors providing useful information about the SEO Strategy of your competitors. Few of the parameters and ranking signals that are taken into account are:

1) Domain & Page Authority
2) Link Quantity and Quality
3) PageRank
4) WebRank & Social Media Popularity
5) On-page Optimization & Keyword Optimization
6) Other useful information are also available such as Traffic data, Load Time & Speed, Website Size, Domain Age and more

I) Google Analytics / Third party analytics Report
The following table identifies terms that are used in both Analytics reports and in the Webmaster Tools reports.

Analytics usage

Webmaster Tools usage
Impressions Used for both AdWords impressions and Google Search impressions Used exclusively for Google Search impressions
Clicks Used for both AdWords clicks and Google Search clicks Used exclusively for Google Search clicks
Average Position Average ranking in Google Search results Average ranking in Google Search results
CTR Clickthrough rate. Clicks/Impressions for both AdWords and Google Search clicks. Clickthrough rate. Clicks/Impressions for Google Search clicks.
Keyword When used in paid search or AdWords reports, describes a paid keyword from a search engine results page. When used in the organic search reports, describes the actual query string entered by a user from a web search. Applies to the key terms used in the written content of the website pages. These terms are the most significant keywords and their variants Google found when crawling your site. When reviewed along with the Search queries report and your site’s listing in actual search results for your targeted keywords, it provides insight into how Google is interpreting the content of your site.
Query Only used in the SEO reports. Applies to the actual query entered by a user in Google search.
The actual query entered by a user in Google search.

K) Account Activity Report
> Journals all activities associated with a SEO campaign.
> Reports current ranking compared to ranking prior to the SEO campaign for each keywords.

L) Review Site Analysis Report
Essentially required for high search engine placement of any website.
They cater to budgets of differing sizes and are distinguished on the following basis:

> Number of web pages of your website to be “Meta Tagged” and promoted.
> Number and type of search engines your website will be submitted to.
> Competition within the industry and for selected key words/phrases.

M) Review Submission Report
-Maintenance Review Ranking Report

Analyze results and revise tactics to maintain or improve search engine positioning. Optimization work continues long after the optimized site is launched.
The continued areas of effort fall into 4 basic categories:

1) Analysis and revision of page optimization:
To maintain top ranking, SEO Analysts must evaluate the results and make tactical modifications based on performance observations.

2) Adaptation to search engine algorithm changes:
Search engines are constantly modifying their ranking algorithms. It is not unusual to see several changes each year for each search engine.
These changes must be identified and analyzed in order to maintain top rankings.

3) External link structure maintenance:
Websites change their design. These changes can affect or “break” inbound or outbound external links which can adversely affect website ranking.

4) Continued submissions to search engines:
Over time, search engines “clean house” and drop older site pages from their database. Sometimes pages are dropped inadvertently. Whether purposely or not, search engines must be monitored continually to be sure website pages are properly indexed or resubmit pages that have been dropped. To improve positioning or placement in search engines, web pages should be re-submitted over the period of time.

However, all the packages do have some common deliverables:

-An Audit Report identifying factors on your website that positively or negatively influence your website’s chances of high search engine rankings.
-Consultation and Guidance for the optimization of your entire website.
-Competitor, Industry and Target market analysis.
-Keywords/ Key Phrases identification.
-Meta Tags composition.
-Manual/Automated Submissions to top International Search Engines and Directories.
-Resubmissions whenever required based on ranking report.

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