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MySIteMalixi Domain Registration, Website and Email Hosting Services

“Internet Simplified”

Most of the time, the technicalities of getting your Website on the Internet is just too much for an ordinary person to handle. Here in MySiteMalixi we innovate ways to make your online presence a lot easier, allowing you more time to spend on the most important things on your business.
MySiteMalixi Domain Registration, Website and Email Hosting Services will take you a step ahead of the competition by providing you the most integrated and most simplified Domain Registration, Website and Email Hosting Service available.
There is no need for you to worry about a thing on your Registration and Hosting Services. We got it all covered.
We may help you for the following needs of your business:
check Domain Registration check Administrator Webmail
check Website Email Hosting check Email Hosting Premium
check Internet Simplified check Email Hosting Forwarders
check Step Ahead of the Competition check Client Non Client Administrator
check Website Hosting Space check Email Forwarders
check Email Hosting Plans
Domain Registration
For Non Client Emails
.com .info .org .asia .uk .ph .biz .jobs .cn
.gov .edu .tv .net .us .name
Choose one among the available Email Hosting Plans if you did not avail of our MySiteMalixi Website Development Service.
A. Administrator Webmail C.Email Hosting Forwarders
1 Admin Webmail 2 Email Forwarders
Per Domain Hosting Per Domain Email Hosting
B. Email Hosting Premium
1 Webmail
Per Domain Email Hosting
Web Hosting

Website Hosting for Client and Non-Client.

You can have a Website Hosting Space minimum of 300mb and maximum of 1 Gigabyte.
For Active Client EmailsYearly Payment Plan
A. Administrator Webmail C. Email Forwarders
Requirements: 1 Email Account
All other company email is running
on webmail’s
B. Administrator Email Forwarders

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