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MySiteMalixi Letter Letter MySiteMalixi Letter
Letter   Letter from the Development Head:
“Nothing in this world is permanent except change”. It has always been like this since the birth of modern science especially in the field of Information Technology. Great ideas are always nurtured giving birth to more exciting innovations and discoveries. And there is no better testament to this than the World Wide Web.
The birth of MySiteMalixi last August 10, 2007 is not a coincidence but a calling. It is the result of many difficult and rigid studies aimed to provide a much better approach to the Online Business. As with any journey that begins with a single step we see to it that before we begin that single step everything and everyone is well taken cared off.
We are always proud of our innovations because we put our heart into it. And yet we see to it that we are never left behind. We strive to be the updated, to be knowledgeable and to be the best. Every work that we produce is the result of our selfless dedicated men and women working behind the scenes making sure that every service that we give is the service that you deserve.
The Development Process is both “nerve wrecking” and yet very rewarding. We create innovations out of nothing and we test run them before presenting it to the public. It is because we firmly believe that quality is the fore front of every business venture.
We exist as an Online Business Solutions Provider and we continue to exist that way to deliver you the best that the World Wide Web has to offer. To take you to the Top is our Vision, our Goal and our Passion.
  Ronald Manalastas
MySiteMalixi Technical Head
MySiteMalixi Letter Letter MySiteMalixi Letter

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Our Services


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