Our Clients

MySiteMalixi CLIENTS
We work with small and growing companies for Any Business Industry such as Arts, Wellness, Accounting Organizations, Engineering, Finance, Financial Services, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Marketing Technology and more. We strive to be a strategic partner to our clients by leveraging our expertise and experience to Provide Innovative, Responsive and Cost-effective Business Solutions.
We understand that we are here to Accomplish Our Clients’ Business Objectives. As companies face unprecedented changes in the business environment including regulatory and legal landscapes, we have the experience and talent that gives proven results to help our clients navigate new challenges and accomplish their business goals.
Our clients came from a vast spectrum of industries and niches that utilize various business models. We are fortunate to work with these clients who share our passion for Personalized Needed Solutions, for what it can do for their respective businesses and ultimately for its Role in Developing, Deepening and Improving Customer Relationships.
With over 3 years of experience in Website Development, MySiteMalixi can handle every
aspect of your internet presence. Whatever it is you
want to accomplish with your website, you can be assured
that MySiteMalixi can make it happen.
There are many aspects of a website, and certainly creativity is a big part. Many times your website is your FIRST IMPRESSION to others, so it has to reflect your company in an attractive way.
It is easy to over do it at times, but the trick is to make your website Attractive and Easy To Use. Ever been to a website that has a lousy navigation? It is important to make it easy for your website visitors to navigate your website.
We have spent much of the last few years improving our skills in Database Development and Powerful Programming. Whatever it is you need, it can be accomplished, no matter how complex.
We will work with you to find out what you need and build a Good Business Relationship, no matter where you are located.

List of Partial Projects


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