Welcome to MySiteMalixi  
MySiteMalixi has unique methods in providing clients a different approach for various business requirements. Services are On-line Business Solutions, Website Development, Database / System Development, Domain Registration, Hosting Services, Graphic Designs and Online Advertising. Started as Business Consultancy Company since January 12, 2004; it was made into a better and bigger company by maximizing all its resources moving forward in achieving its mission. MySiteMalixi formally started on August 1, 2007 as Online Business Solutions Provider.
MySiteMalixi Development Group. Focusing on System Development & Visual Communications, Online Brand-Building & Corporate Image Development. System and Graphics capabilities of our Business Development Group are being utilized to bring out the best for each of our clients, combined with our Copywriting Services that provide unique solutions in a competitive price that is suited to any type of businesses. Plus, with the benefits of Organic Search Engine Optimization, MySiteMalixi created its own niche in the Online Business Industry.
          The Philippine Office
Philippines is the perfect location for MySiteMalixi production office because of the multi-lingual and multi-cultural exposures of the talent workforce. This is where the benefits of applying different approach to various clients are utilized, along with the strengthening technology and support-base of the Asian Region. The Philippine location under the license name of Malixi Marketing is a strategic hub to cater on-line solutions for both eastern and western business nations adapting MySiteMalixi as our international trade name.
           Our Team
           Our Values
  To gain focus on the development of its Online Business Solutions, and a global exposure for enterprise to maximize its commercial presence by utilizing its service division and achieving a highly competent stand in any business venture. To gain client satisfaction and loyalty and to consistently move forward in adapting high quality standards, future trends and business models.  
  To improve the quality of life by providing high-value solutions for businesses worldwide.  
  To be among the Top Online Business Solutions Provider.  
Our Customized Projects
  Herbalife   Herbalife   Slim 'n White  
  Islamic Da'wah Council of the Philippines   Health Partners Center   Filipino Inventors Society Inc.  
  Salon de Mayo   Control Your Weight   Malixi Marketing  
  Traffic Signal Builders, Inc.   Econolux Enterprises   Golden Maids Services  
  Griller King Interprice   Therapeutic Learning Center   Bookman  
Our Database / System Development Projects
MySiteMalixi HRIS   Malixi Marketing CMS   Bio-Safe HRIS   Peak Success System
MySiteMalixi Company System   Malixi Marketing CMS   Bio-Safe Hospital System   Peak Networking System
Business Email Marketing System   Payroll System   Directory and Advertisement System   SMS / Mobile Marketing System
Business Email Marketing   Payroll System   Directory & Ads System   SMS / Mobile Marketing System
Directory System   E-Commerce System   Forum System   Online Registration System
Directory System   E-Commerce System   Forum System   Online Registration System
Billing Inventory System   Client Inventory System   Human Resources Inventory System
Billing Inventory System   Client Inventory System   Human Resources Inventory
Stock Inventory System   Timekeeping System
Stock Inventory System   Timekeeping System

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