Frequently Asked Question
Database Solutios
1. What is database development?
  Database software is a system that is specially made for company’s operation.
2.  Efficiency and development pricing?
  Databases development is onetime development so means you will only pay ones for the specific development you want and for a lifetime use under license to your company.
3.  Lifetime maintenance and Customer support?
  MysiteMalixi will be charging you maintenance fee for backups, hosting, domain, technical support and updates. You will not worry on updating your system and recoveries in terms of unavoidable circumstances.
4.  What’s the use of database in a company?
  Database software is a system that can streamline data management, accounting and customer relationship management.
5. How it works?
  Database software centralizes information so that you can access it easily and extract vital data from it. For instance, with database software solutions, you can quickly search for customers within a specific ZIP code. Or, you can query dbase software to determine how much your employees have been paid for the year-to-date or how many items of a particular product you have in inventory.
6.  How it increase my company’s production and sales?
  Database software solutions can really jumpstart your productivity, pump up your sales efforts, enhance your customer service and improve inventory control. That’s because database programs enable your company to keep accurate and up-to-date information on a variety of types of information, including:
    a) Accounting:
  Database software solutions include programs that are built specifically to manage invoicing, banking, payroll and tax information.
b) Customer relationship management (CRM) and sales force automation:
  Keep track of customer contact information, client order history and marketing campaigns with customer relationship management databases.
c) Inventory management:
  Manage your supplies, ordering and vendors by building an inventory database with database programs.
    Website Development
1.  What is website development
  It’s like having an online magazine where everyone in the world will see your business and services. Development of your webpage’s according to your type of business and needs.
2.  What is the difference between website and magazine / newspaper?
  Website development is the most efficient way of advertising your company worldwide unlike magazines and newspaper that its circulation and distribution is only on a limited area or coverage location.
3.  Efficiency and website pricing?
  Website development is only one time payment for all its pages lifetime use. Unlike newspaper and magazines its price depends on its size and only per issue posting. So means you will pay so much money for every posting aside from its limited distribution. And its price difference is quite big; it varies on its page location, sizes, colors, and designs. One full page magazine advertisement cost around P70, 000.00 up to P85, 000.00 and for more spread adds cost more than a P100, 000.00, and other paper advertisement like fliers / leaflets, brochures cost much more because of its minimum production and prices varies on its designs and the sad part is you cannot edit those after printing, while you can have a full website development for less than P30, 000.00 or less for less pages and animations all for onetime payment but lifetime usage.
4.  Lifetime maintenance and Customer support?
  MysiteMalixi  is always ready to attend to all customer inquiries even it’s under maintenance or not.
5.  What’s the use of website in a company?
  Publishing and boasting your company’s existence worldwide.
6.  How it works for us?
  Making your company looks more professional, credible and transparent.
7.  How it increase my company’s production and sales?
  Website solutions can really jumpstart your productivity, pump up your sales efforts, enhance your customer service .That because website enables your company to keep accurate and up-to-date information on a variety of types of information, including:
a)  Contact numbers & location
b)  New updates and improvement
c)  New design and photos
d)  News and updates
    Frequently Asked Questions
Q  How much does a website cost?
  It all depends on what you need. There is no flat rate for a website because there are so many variables. But it might not be as much as you might expect. Contact Us or fill up the our availment form for a quote.
Q  How long does it take to get
a website done?
  Generally 3 – 4 weeks, but really depends what all
will be involved with your project.
Q  I have a website, can you
fix it?
  That all depends. We would have to take a look at
it and see what it needs. Sometimes you are better
off with a new website.
Q  What type of payments do you
  You may deposit payments on our company’s bank account and also accept checks & money orders.
Q  Can you program flash?
Q  Can you design logos?
Q  What are all the costs involved
in a website?
  The majority of the time, you have the design, domain registration and host.
Q  What is a domain name?
  A domain name is your ".com" name. Example http://www.yourcompany.com we do offer domain registration for our clients. This is normally paid yearly.
Q  What is Hosting?
  Hosting is a special computer (server) that serves up your website to the internet. We do offer hosting for our clients. This is usually paid monthly or yearly.
Q  How can I avail of your services?
  You may email us at inquire@mysitemalixi.com / support@mysitemalixi.com or contact us directly in our office contact numbers.

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