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Expert Author
Expert Author

“A Pen is Mightier than the Sword” is an enduring inspirational quote. In modern times we could translate it into “A Keyboard is mightier than a Bolo”. One of the most amazing capabilities of Writers is their ability to persuade people. The gracefulness of creating a sentence, the sensitivity of choosing the right kind of words and the adaptability of the writer himself/herself are the key attributes of a good writer. The Term Copywriting is a form of written language that refers to the act conceptualizing a textual representation of any given idea that can be used to make a profit such as in advertising and promotions. Copywriting can be made into different forms. The commercials read over the radio, the script of your favorite TV Commercial or the advertising text that you read while surfing the Internet are all by products of Copywriting.

What makes Copywriting different is that its main purpose is to catch attention. Whether it consists only of a single word or a hundreds words, it always go straight to that point. And because of this, Copywriting is now considered an art. Anyone could learn how to write and learn the proper grammar but the ability of constructing sentences that could change people’s thoughts (and sometimes their lives) requires years of practice and a deep understanding about whichever subject they are mingling with. Just like in any design, every time a copywriter writes a new piece, he or she must start with a theme in which they could play their thoughts in to and in this stage the copywriter will play a game called “Pretend”. He or she will pretend or act as, for example, a doctor, an engineer, a baby or whatever the case maybe. This requires hours (sometimes days) of study and research. Next will be creating the freshest ideas or the most exciting concept that they could ever think of. This is where the long years of experience in the industry counts because it is where the creative juice kicks in. After that will be the technical part, proof reading, it is where grammar and spelling will be checked and rechecked.   A Copywriter is often, but not always, acting as a market researcher because of the sensitivity of most individuals nowadays, modern attitudes and morals must be considered and handled with the highest priority.

Role In Advertising

The influence of Copywriting in the Advertising Industry is very strong. Commercial ads, streamers or fliers are lined with engaging texts that describes the products or services that they are representing. It what makes a name unique and highly memorable. The taglines located at the bottom of their brands is the life or death of a certain promotion. And the measurement of whether an advertising strategy is successful or not are the consumers themselves.

Copywriting for the World Wide Web

Writing a content for a website is different to writing an article in a newspaper for this single reason: Newspaper readers have all the time in the world to read it (while sipping a cup of coffee), while Internet Surfers do not. The Internet is the busiest place in the planet, if your article makes them yawn after a few seconds, you are doomed to fail. The attention span of most online seekers is very limited.

Creating great and readable content for online purposes is a challenge for most writers out there. Where every word and every sentence counts. It is like compressing everything that you have in mind and jotting it down in let’s say… 100 words and crafting it in the most creative way that you could possibly imagine. You will also need a knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for this endeavor where keyword density and On-Page Optimization is important.

MySiteMalixi Copywriting Service

MySiteMalixi Copywriting Service is a service directly focused on providing the latest and most innovative content to business people who wanted to create a brand name for themselves. Our Unique Copywriting Solutions can deliver to you the right words, at the right place, at the right time. Just let us know what you need and tell us your target market, in that way we can have a bull’s eye on your targeted audience at the same time telling them the right expression that you would like to make them feel about your business. Worried about the latest trends? Here at MySiteMalixi, we always strive to be the most updated Online Business Solutions Provider out there, not only on our technical capabilities but also on our business capabilities as well. Thus, giving you assurance that you will never go out of place once you decided to venture into the Marketing Jungle. Whether you need content for your new website, write-ups for your upcoming brochures, or a marketing slogan for your brand name, MySiteMalixi can deliver your writing needs in a style that can make your name appear above the rest.

MySiteMalixi Copywriting Service is…

check  Concise and straight to the Point.
check  No gimmicks, just plain effective writing.
check  Result Oriented, no strings attached.
check  Creating content for the people to read not just to fill-up the  empty spaces.
check  Delivers the Right Words, at the Right Place, at the Right Time.




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