Second Party accepted to be part of the entire development of the full modules of the next generation Hospital Management System;

Composed of: 
1st, Hospital Account Administration System (HAAS)
2nd, Hospital Information System (HIS)
3rd, Materials Management System (MMS),
4th, Hospital Financial Accounting System (HFAS)
5th, Laboratory Information System (LIS) and
6th Hospital Report Management System (HRMS)

Test Subject Development Responsibility: 
1) To provide materials needed for the development of each modules compositions
2) To understand, adapt and help the developer in testing each systems phases of development
3) To act as MYSITEMALIXI system endorser by whether entertaining the old and new MYSITEMALIXI clients and refer other Clinics / Hospitals to become one of MYSITEMALIXI Client or Test Subjects.
4) System Upgrades of old modules and new modules will be free of charge lifetime


Direct Referral Incentives: 
1% lifetime incentives from all direct hospital client referral from 20% down payment or first payment.


Free HMS:  
Free Use of the system worth 15M lifetime after the development


For Hospital System Presentation request Call or Text: 0917-5823957 or Email us at with your details (Your Name and Designation, Hospital name, Hospital Address, Email address ( we will send complete details of the project), Other contact number and best time to call you back).




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