Not Affordable Is Never a Word

Marketing, no business can live without it. One way or another, whether it is simple or complex, a business owner must take this term into consideration if he/she wanted to survive for a long period of time. The term itself could cost you a little less than a cents, but often times it could be as expensive as your super-powered sports car. Be in-charge of … Continue reading Not Affordable Is Never a Word

Are You a Problem Terminator or Creator?

Most people don’t see it. Maybe it just seems right crossing the bridge when you get there. Maybe sometimes but, not all the time. Why do we allow problems at first? We all may have good reasons. One reason might be that we didn’t see the problem or some may say, “We didn’t know that it would create problems, plus we don’t have personnel in … Continue reading Are You a Problem Terminator or Creator?

Does Music Have Soul?

Soul is not only for humans because the one who sings the song aside from birds are humans. The nature is the instrument who first gives people an idea that there is a sound that people could enjoy and experiment that’s where the music starts, everyone loves music but is music really has a soul? If you are listening to love song what you feel? … Continue reading Does Music Have Soul?

The Birth of SMS Marketing

Everyone uses mobile phones for Personal or Business, but how about maximizing its use to gain more profit for business? That’s where SMS Marketing starts. How to facilitate this kind of marketing? First; you have to think of all the scenarios involved in such matters. The first question to ask is: do network providers have cheap rates when using your line for sending SMS to … Continue reading The Birth of SMS Marketing

Are You Doing Things At The Right Time

What are you up now? Are things working? These questions matters to be able for anyone to know they are doing things at the right time. It’s like eating an ice cream after 2 hours of leaving it in the table and thinking that it’s still an ice cream after then or buying an expensive cars which you know you don’t have enough savings to … Continue reading Are You Doing Things At The Right Time

The Cheapest Labourer of All Time

Is there really a cheapest laborer of all time? Who are they? The answer is the business owners, they’re investing, and they invest their money to multiply. They need to hire people to work for them, pay bills every month for office and operation expenses but they don’t get their salary until the business works and become stable. People think a business person has lots … Continue reading The Cheapest Labourer of All Time